Wise Words for Those Seeking Income From The Internet

or how and where to get started with making money online


If you’ve been considering getting started on making an income from the internet, then we’ve got some things to share with you first.

There’s a lot of money out there to be made online, and this is behind much of the internet’s expansion over recent years.

Although making money online is something that most people can achieve once they set their mind to it, it is an area that has also been subject to unethical marketing.

During your travels online, you will no doubt have come across so-called experts who promise that you’ll make millions, if only you follow their super simple 5 step marketing magic process.

The truth is – the internet is always transforming.

Years ago, it was websites full of content that made a lot of money. Then Google came along with some major algorithm changes and they’ve now hit the bottom of the tank. Sites like Squidoo that was considered a content farm are now no longer even operational.

Advertising used to be another lucrative area, but now systems such as Google AdSense have decreased their payouts drastically and blog owners aren’t making so much income.

But don’t feel disheartened as it’s still possible to make money online. Your standards of ethics and honesty do not have to be changed either. But you must know that it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s all about being persistent, consistent and working hard.

Before you get started, it’s important to sit down and answer the following questions:

Can you scale this?

If you’re looking to make a lot of money from the internet, then you’ll need to understand what’s possible with your concept or business model when it comes to expansion. Having a model that can be replicated over and over without more input from you is the way to make a large income.

However, if you run a small one-person service and are limited by your hours and energy, then your concept won’t be very scalable unless you hire more people. These people would need to be able to produce the same quality of work that you do, and that could be hard to achieve. However, if you’re not looking to expand, and you’re happy just to provide your service, then that’s fine too.

How possible is it to make passive income?

Although passive income may sound like you don’t have to do anything to get it, it’s quite the opposite. You will still need to do your marketing to sell, whether it’s affiliate products or your own products. If you’re making passive income from ads, then you’ll still need to drive traffic to your site to get those ads seen.

Do you get a consistent income?

We all have bills to pay and making money online won’t be of much use to you unless it’s consistent and you can rely on it.

To achieve a consistent income, it really depends on what you choose to offer, how popular it is and whether you are meeting a market need at a price that people are willing to pay.

Some people offer freelance services such as graphic design and writing services. These can deliver a consistent income if you have a way of reaching your target market.

Is your offer wanted?

A product or service will only sell if people want it or need it. Some people make the mistake of investing a lot of time and money into something only to discover that nobody wants what they have to offer. They make zero sales and then must start from the beginning with something else.

Before you get heavily invested into an idea, test it and make sure it’s viable. It’s important to understand and listen to your market to discover what they want so that you can give it to them.  The best approach is to only launch products that your market has asked for. If you don’t have a channel to discover this, you may need to approach this by looking to fill a need that isn’t currently being met but people are asking for.

Can you create something and sell it over and over?

Some digital products such as books, courses, apps, licensing can be sold over and over. You can put the time and effort into making a product once and then you can sell it over and over for profit.

However, it’s more difficult to apply this approach when offering services.

Making money online in summary

As we alluded to at the beginning, whatever you decide to do about gaining internet income, you’ll most likely need to tweak and revise your operation as time goes by. For example, the Google algorithms change regularly and can affect traffic flow to your website. You’ll need to stay aware of these changes and adjust to account for them.

Having covered that, there are many legitimate methods and models to make money online. Although most of them require a lot of work, you’ll find that they can be very much worth the effort.