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Site Audit

SEO Site Audit Our site audit services will help you track and improve the status of your website, allowing you to rank better in Google.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Not quite sure what keyword to use to rank in Google for your topic? Let us do the dirty work for you, and find the ideal keyword to rank.


Content Templates for Better Ranking

SEO ContentTemplateYou've found your keyword, but how do you compete with the top 10 in Google? We'll give you a template showing you what the top 10 are doing, so that you can snag those positions. We can do this either for an article you haven't yet written to give you ideas so you can rank well from the start, or for articles that already rank in the top 100 on Google to see what you're doing right and wrong.

Track Your Organic Rankings

Track Organic Ranking

Want to know how your pages rank in Google We've got you covered.

Keyword Gap AnalysisKeyword Gap Analysis

What keywords are your top rivals ranking for that you're not? How are they ranking for keywords you have in the top 100? Are they beating you? Find out how your rivals are doing.

Backlink Audit

Backlink AuditHaving toxic links pointing towards your site can damage your ranking. Let us find all the links pointing to your site so that you can get ride of any nasty ones dragging you down.

Social Media Growth

Social Media ManagementReady to take your social game to the next level? With our social media growth plans, you can grow your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest faster than ever before!

Who Are We?

Danielle DitzianDanielle Ditzian is a full time travel blogger at Like Riding a Bicycle, and digital nomad who is constantly improving her website using site audits, advanced keyword research, social media building tools, and much more.

All reports are generated by SEMrush. So why not just get the program for yourself? At a minimum of $100 per month, it can be a steep price to pay. We can generate only the data you need for a much smaller price, helping you to improve your site without dropping $1,200 per year on the program. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and watch your search rankings rise!


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